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Transmission Repair in Norwalk, CT

Welcome to Croce’s Transmission!

Transmission Rebuilds, Repairs & Replacements You Can Trust!

Transmissions are notorious for being misdiagnosed. With a track record like that, you’re probably wondering who you can trust with your transmission repairs. Whenever you notice a performance issue–slipping out of gear, rough shifting, delayed acceleration, etc.–be proactive and bring your vehicle to a qualified repair shop–Croce’s Transmission in Norwalk, CT–as soon as possible. Professional testing and an accurate diagnosis usually means you chose the right repair shop. Our first goal is to eliminate your worries and remove any hassle from the transmission repair process. Transmissions are the most difficult component to repair and service, so it’s not unusual to leave them to our specialists. Even professionals will leave transmission repairs to the experts at Croce’s Transmission. Your transmission’s performance will be seamless, just like your auto service experience. Our transmission repair experts are here to alleviate any stress or confusion about your transmission’s performance. The most important part of your transmission repair is TRUST. From transmission issues to brake repair services, and everything in between, we’re here to take out the confusion and help answer your questions.

Quality Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

Your quality experience includes answering any questions and addressing any concerns about your vehicle’s performance. Because of our integrity and transparency, our customers are able to proceed with a clear understanding of what’s wrong and how our qualified technicians are going to fix it. At Croce’s Transmission, you’ll receive the correct repair solution every time. You can depend on us to treat your vehicle extra care and attention like it was our very own. Our full-service automotive repair facility is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. We stay abreast of the repair industry’s latest advancements to make sure we’re ready for your vehicle’s specific needs. While we specialize in transmission repairs, our four-man team of service experts is also prepared to handle automotive issues for all makes and models. You’ll find that Croce’s Transmission is focused on more than what we do, but places just as much importance on how we do it. Our family run repair shop will feel like your vehicle’s second home. We go above and beyond to earn and keep your trust in our auto repair and maintenance service process.

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You’ve found us, the Norwalk area’s answer to all transmission repair or auto repair needs--Croce’s Transmission Specialists. Now it’s time for you to let us handle the rest, putting you back on the road to peak performance. Your vehicle is an investment in quality road travel and you want to protect your investment. That’s exactly what our technicians are here to do. When you visit our shop, we’re not just going to provide top-of-the-line services for your vehicle, but we’ll provide exceptional customer service for you. Give us a call today at 203-845-8899 to schedule your next transmission repair or auto repair service. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system. right now. Next time you’re in the area--301 Main Avenue--feel free to stop by. We gladly perform a road test!

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With our professional testing, we’ll make sure you get all the facts about your repair including:

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You can feel confident knowing our transmission rebuilds/overhauls are guaranteed with our 2 year/24,000 mile Nationwide Golden Rule Warranty. We also offer free road tests to address your vehicle concerns.

“I have been using Croce's Transmission Specialists for many, many years and the quality & customer service has always gone above and beyond any expectation I could have. They are so accommodating, friendly and deliver such a high quality of service. I highly recommend Croce's to anyone looking for a good and solid business. Thank you, Tony & team, for peace of mind each time I bring my car in for service.”

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