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Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance in Norwalk, CT

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Transmission Fluid Checks & Service

Transmission maintenance is simple and affordable and helps ensure the peak performance of your vehicle. At Croce's Transmission, transmission maintenance begins with transmission fluid. Your vehicle's transmission is a complex system; transmission fluid is essential to its proper function. Over time, the fluid breaks down and collects contaminants, so routine checks are necessary. At our location in Norwalk, CT, we are equipped to handle both transmission fluid replacements and flushes. During replacement service, we'll drain the fluid and replace it with fresh, premium transmission fluid. A flush is a little more intensive as we use hydraulic force to remove the liquid before replacing it with new. The flush ensures that the grunge and contaminants are removed from parts like the transmission cooler and torque converter. Not sure what you need? Good news, our mechanics will advise you on which is the best option for your vehicle. They also know the correct transmission fluid to use because the wrong kind can cause overheating and damage. We'll always ensure your transmission fluid is topped off and bright red in color to provide maximum protection. At our transmission shop, we're here to help you prevent problems before they happen.