How Is Brake Performance Affected at Different Speeds?

If you end up in a crisis situation in your car, truck, or SUV, it is essential you are able to bring your vehicle to a stop in the shortest possible distance. It’s important to remember that as your speed increases, you will, in turn, increase the amount of force needed to stop your vehicle.

Maintenance Basics

Services You Need to Avoid Costly Auto Repairs Life gets busy. Between work and family responsibilities, it’s quite common for people to forget to perform basic auto maintenance. Unfortunately, the lack of maintenance soon leads to the need for costly auto repairs. Even if you can’t perform a weekly or monthly check up on your

Why we’re taking the fear out of auto repair.

Many are overwhelmed at just the thought of a major auto repair. “Who can I trust?” is top of mind when searching for a reputable auto repair shop. We all have heard horror stories in the auto repair industry and today the internet has made it easy to search for anything, or has it? When

Keeping Vehicle Owners Informed

We’re on your side at Croce’s Transmission Specialists It’s Your Vehicle, It’s Your Data and Your Choice. You can do something about it. Watch the short video to learn more.

Auto Repair Assumptions

The definition of assume is to think that something is true or probably true without knowing that it is true. Here’s how auto repair assumptions and perception can ruin an everyday experience. With the advancements in automotive technology, many don’t understand how their vehicle works or what maintenance is needed and when. This can make