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Keep your vehicle as safe as possible with one of our quality brake services. Since braking systems are meant to wear down and need brake repairs, all vehicle owners should keep an eye and an ear out for brake performance issues. Croce's Transmission in Norwalk, CT can perform a quick but thorough brake check that lets you know the true condition of your vehicle. The earliest warning signs of a brake repair need will be audible. A high-pitched squeal means that your brake pads have worn too thin. You should make Croce's Transmission your next stop if you hear this noise every time you apply your brakes. It may be difficult to hear from inside the cabin because the windows are up or because the radio is on. It's a good idea to occasionally drive with the windows down so you can hear the true condition of your braking system. Other warning signs might be felt in the slight shudder or vibration of the steering wheel when rounding corners.