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A Non – Starter

If a vehicle fails to start when turning the ignition key, the problem could be the starter.

Other culprits

Other potential culprits can be eliminated by turning on the headlights and trying to start the automobile. If the headlights dim while doing so, a bad battery or corroded battery terminals may be suspected. If the battery and battery terminals are in good shape, the clicking of the solenoid should be heard with each turn of the ignition key to the start position.

If the starter or solenoid clicks but nothing else happens, there may not be enough amps to spin the starter or the starter may be bad. If the starter cranks when the solenoid is bypassed, a new solenoid is needed.

TIP: A solenoid is an electrically powered device consisting of a coil of wire wrapped around a hollow, non-magnetic core, which receives an electric current from both the battery and starter and acts as a switch.

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Written by Maryann Croce

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