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AC in Cooler Months

Check the system

Not only should you check to see that your vehicle's air-conditioning (AC) system is in good operating order before the summer heat sets in, but you should also be running your AC during the colder months.

Coolant does more than cool

Even though it may be cold outside, operating the AC full blast for about ten minutes every few weeks, allows the coolant to circulate through the system. This is important because the coolant acts as a lubricant that keeps rubber seals and pipes from cracking and shrinking. Failure to keep these rubber parts in good condition invites leaky seals that will not hold coolant.

Now is a good time to see if any seals need to be changed and/or the coolant needs recharging.

TIP: Unless a vehicle's air-conditioning system is used throughout the year, moisture buildup can lead to mold and bacteria growth that has that unpleasant "dirty socks" odor.

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