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Automatic Braking Systems

Automatic Braking Systems - We are entering a new era in vehicle safety. Car manufacturers are focusing, on preventing crashes, not just protecting occupants from car crashes that have already occurred.

While the federal government has yet to mandate that automatic braking systems be installed in all new vehicles, several auto manufacturers have voluntarily agreed to outfit their new vehicle with the advanced safety systems.

Here's How Automatic Braking Systems Work

Automatic braking systems use sensors to detect when crashes (primarily those involving vehicles that crash into the rear ends of the cars ahead of them) are about to occur, then automatically apply the brakes before the crash occurs.

Most crashes are caused by driver error. These braking systems can prevent a good number of them.

TIP: While some vehicles now come already equipped with automatic braking, the technology is not currently so widespread that his feature is available on all vehicles sold in the United States.

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