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Brake Fluid Facts

Brake Fluid Maintenance

Along with maintaining proper brake fluid levels to avoid brake fade (slow braking response), it is important to flush the braking system to preserve its overall health.

The fact is that conventional glycol-based brake fluid is "hygroscopic," meaning that it absorbs moisture over time. This is important in order to keep condensation in the brake system from causing corrosion.

However, the fluid will eventually reach its point of saturation. As unabsorbed moisture collects in the system, it leads to corrosion in critical areas, and the fluid's boiling point drops below recommended levels.

As a result, under hard braking conditions or repeated brake application, the fluid starts boiling sooner, reducing braking performance. Flushing the brake fluid prevents these problems from arising.

TIP: Brake fluid should be replaced when brake repairs are made or every two years for preventive maintenance.

Brakes! They help us in unexpected situations and keep us secure. Since they're here for us, we need to be there for them. Having quality brake fluid allows your vehicle to operate smoothly.

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