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Brakes: Stopping Power

For safety don't wait

From a safety standpoint, nothing is more important than your vehicle's ability to stop effectively. With this in mind, do not wait to hear squealing sounds emanating from your brake discs and rotors before you decide it is time for a brake repair service.

Don't assume it's just pads

By the same token, because braking systems work under hydraulic pressure, check the master cylinder as well to make sure that the level of brake fluid in the system is not leaking through brake lines, hoses, or caliper components. If it is deemed necessary to replace worn brake pads, inspection of the thickness of the rotors will reveal if they should also be replaced. The rotors must be within manufacturer specifications for the brakes to work effectively. Don't let neglected brake symptoms turn into a more costly repair.

TIP: A spongy feel to the brakes is usually an indication of trapped air in the hydraulic system.

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you contact a repair shop.

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