Coolant Flush


Protect your engine

To help guard against engine overheating during the upcoming summer months, it is recommended that vehicle owners flush the coolant from their automobile’s radiators and coolant systems.

This service removes acids, phosphate and silicate gels, rust particles, and mineral deposits, as well as replenishes the additives that protect vital cooling system components. While engine coolant is formulated with additives that inhibit pitting and corrosion of aluminum components, these additives fall out of solution over time to form abrasive damaging gel-like mixtures.

Antifreeze breaks down

In addition, antifreeze gradually breaks down to form weak acids that erode aluminum components. Flushing spares aluminum components such as front covers, thermostat housings, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds from electrolytic metal erosion.

TIP: Automakers recommend coolant flushes at least every two years.

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Written by Maryann Croce

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