CV Joints - Croce\'s Transmission

CV Joints

Constant velocity (CV) joints are the primary drive-train components.

  • They provide power transfer to the front wheels as well as allow for steering and suspension movement.
  • Packed in grease and covered with rubber boots, CV joints don't require any maintenance.


Still, the CV joints should be regularly inspected for leaks and cracks. In the event that the boots deteriorate and begin to leak:

  • They will spatter grease on the inside of the wheel and on the suspension that will not be evident from the outside of the vehicle.
  • It must be viewed from underneath.


Replacing a boot immediately after a leak or crack is found costs a fraction of what it would otherwise cost to replace a CV joint.

TIP: Popping or clicking noises when turning, or clunking noises while accelerating may be indicative of the need of a new CV joint in a front-wheel drive car.

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