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Do You Know the Four Main Parts of a Car?

A vehicle has numerous parts and controls that all work together to function properly. However, there are four main components of a car: the chassis, engine, transmission system, and body. At Croce's Transmission Specialists in Norwalk, Connecticut, our team of ASE-certified technicians provides top-quality auto repair. Follow our brief overview to learn the main parts of a car.


A vehicle's chassis is the main skeleton of the vehicle that supports the engine, the vehicle’s suspension system, transmission system, and the control system consisting of brakes and steering. The chassis frame is supported on wheels and axles through springs. A vehicle's frame could be either a conventional chassis or unit construction. (In a unit construction, there is no frame, and the vehicle is made with parts placed into the body.)


The engine is the power source of a vehicle. Without an engine, a vehicle won't move. Engines made today are internal combustion engines, which are often spark-ignition engines. Compression ignition engines require diesel as fuel. The most common type of engine is four vertical cylinders, also known as an in-line engine.

Transmission system

A vehicle's transmission system transmits power from the engine to the road wheels. Engine's power rotates the crankshaft in the transmission system, causing rotary motion to the road wheels. The transmission system also comprises many parts, including the clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, differential, and axle. Croce's Transmission Specialists are experts at transmission repair, as well as auto repair, to get our customers' vehicles ready for the road.


Most car bodies are made from steel or aluminum, some bodies are made from plastic, and there are many types of car body styles. Many heavy vehicles use simple construction sub-frames where the engine and gearbox are attached.

Get auto repair at Croce's Transmission Specialists

Getting auto repair is important to maintain every part of your vehicle is properly working. Today's computer-controlled vehicles require a certified specialist to fix a vehicle's transmission. Our certified technicians and expert transmission specialists at Croce's Transmission Specialists in Norwalk, Connecticut, offer affordable auto repair services. We understand how important a fully functioning vehicle is to your daily routine. Our team provides expert testing and a professional diagnosis to offer the best auto repair to our customers. Call (203) 349-2481 to schedule an appointment today.

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