Is Your Vehicle in Need of Brake Service? | Norfolk, CT | Croce’s Transmission

Do You Need Brake Service?

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Outside of having your vehicle's braking system regularly serviced, the best way to ensure it's long term performance is to understand the signs of brake failure. By knowing the signs, you'll be able to determine what's wrong with it and even anticipate when it may fail soon! If you're not sure what to look for or you're looking to add to your information bank, Croce's Transmission is here to help you. Before and during your next drive, look out for these classic signs of brake wear and tear!

Loud Brakes

When using the brakes, it's normal to hear some sounds at the beginning of your drive, especially if it's cold. What's not normal is if you hear a sound every time you use the brakes. Whether it's a soft squeal or a loud grind, any consistent sound coming from the brakes is a sign that something is wrong. There are three sounds you should pay attention to, screeching or squealing and grinding.

When you hear screeching or squealing coming from the brakes, that's your vehicle's braking system informing you that the brake pads are at their minimum level of thickness. Although your vehicle is fine for the time being, we recommend a pad replacement service at your first convenience.

If you hear a grinding sound, that means the brake pads have completely worn out and that there is metal-on-metal contact between the calipers and brake discs. This is awful for the system and it can cause serious issues if not promptly handled. We recommend a brake inspection and repair service as soon as you hear this sound!

Spongy Pedal

When you press the brake pedal, the response and feel should be tight and crisp. Even the slightest amount of pressure should activate the braking system. If you notice that you're having to press harder on the brake pedal to activate the brakes, you are dealing with a spongy pedal. This is commonly caused by air or moisture being trapped in the brake line, and you'll need professional help to properly "bleed" the lines. If not handled quickly, the pedal will eventually reach the floor and you won't be able to activate the system, so please schedule a visit with us as soon as possible!

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