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Driverless Cars: Hands-Off Driving

Germany's Autobahn is a federal highway system that is so advanced that some sections do not even have a speed limit. Now, a portion of the A9 Autobahn (the north-south artery that connects Munich and Berlin) is being equipped to accept driverless cars.

Why Driverless Car?

This development comes as carmakers, city planners, insurance companies, and other are beginning to recognize that self-driving vehicles are safer, are more efficient, and contribute less to traffic congestion than vehicle operated by drivers.

The Future

The new Autobahn project is sure to be followed by others around the world (including the United States) that enable vehicles to communicate with each other and the infrastructure in order to create a road network with fewer traffic jams and increased safety.

TIP: Self-parking technology was carmakers' first successful attempt to free drivers from the responsibility of driving their vehicles.

So what are your thoughts on driverless car technology? Is it exciting? Do you have concerns? Please comment below.

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