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Engine Oil

Don't Neglect

According to a recent survey of owners of vehicles that range in age from new to 15 years old, nearly four in ten of those polled indicated that they either never checked their engine oil or only have it checked when they take their automobiles in for service.

In light of the fact that many auto manufacturers now have extended the interval between oil changes to 7,500 miles and more, there are potential risks associated with ignoring engine oil. When a vehicle is in for service. It can be checked for leaks. As vehicles get older, they may consume oil, requiring that oil be added between oil changes. While some manufacturers claim that burning oil is normal, oil consumption may be a sign of needed engine repair. Addressing concerns early can save vehicle owners from more costly repairs.

TIP: Vehicle owners may want to carry an extra quart of oil in the trunks of their automobiles in case the engine oil light comes on and they are far from a service station.

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