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Engine Overheats

If an engine runs fine for a few minutes and then the engine overheats, a bad thermostat is a likely culprit. It is the thermostat's job to regulate the engine's temperature by opening and closing to regulate the flow of coolant.

Maintenance is important.

  • If the coolant is not changed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation
  • The vehicle is driven in extreme temperatures
  • An acidic environment

Corrosion can occur and premature thermostat failure will result. It should also be noted that, if the thermostat is frozen in the open setting, coolant flow will be constant and the engine will run too cool.

Stat! While the repair is quite easy to make, it must be performed immediately. Otherwise, overheating can lead to engine failure.

TIP: Other possible causes of abnormal engine operating temperature include low coolant level, a bad water pump, a worn out or loose water pump belt, cooling system leaks, a clogged radiator, a failed radiator fan, or a collapsed radiator hose.

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