What causes a faulty tire pressure monitoring system?

Faulty Tire Pressure Monitoring System

What is a TPMS:

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSs) alert drivers to low tire pressure (25% or more below rated pressures) with a warning light. They are mounted inside the tire assembly on valve stems or wheel rims.

These devices have sensors that are powered by batteries, which have finite lives. Battery life expectancy is linked to the number of radio-frequency (RF) transmissions. They are affected by driving conditions and the sensor design. Batteries can be expected to last five to twelve years, with the average being seven.


When batteries fail, the vehicle's computer will recognize that the sensor has ceased to transmit data and will illuminate the TPMS icon to alert the driver of the malfunction, a faulty tire pressure monitoring system. At this point, the TPMS sensor must be replaced.

TIP: Tire pressure monitoring systems prevent accidents, save lives, and contribute to longer tire tread life.

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