Fuel Filters

Replace Fuel Filters Without Hesitation

Need for replacement

While most vehicle owners are attuned to the need to replace oil filters, air filters, and the like, many tend to overlook the need to replace fuel filters; yet, this should be a regular part of vehicle maintenance. Overlooking this relatively small task runs the risk of experiencing major problems.

Fuel filter’s purpose

It is the fuel filter’s job to remove contaminants from the fuel tank and fuel line before they can get to the engine. If not replaced yearly or at least every 20,000 miles or so, the fuel filter can accumulate enough rust and debris to cause hesitation under acceleration. In the event that the fuel filter becomes entirely clogged, the engine will cease functioning. Prevention is key.

TIP: While removing the fuel filters on some vehicles is a fairly easy job, complications set in when the fuel filter is part of more complicated systems, making it a job for a professional.

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Written by Maryann Croce

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