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Maintenance Basics

Services You Need to Avoid Costly Auto Repairs

Life gets busy. Between work and family responsibilities, it's quite common for people to forget to perform basic auto maintenance. Unfortunately, the lack of maintenance soon leads to the need for costly auto repairs. Even if you can't perform a weekly or monthly check up on your car, try to keep these basic auto care tips in mind every three months or so. Croce's Transmission in Norfolk, Connecticut, is here to help you out!

Check the Tire Pressure

Improper tire pressure can cause an uncomfortable ride and safety hazards. That's because under or overinflated tires don't have optimal traction and may be unbalanced. Regular rotations and air pressure checks ensure you stay safe while you're driving.

Get Fluid Service

Checking the fluids in your car is important, too. When the oil is too low or gone, your engine could overheat. If the oil is old, it won't lubricate the engine and keep it protected from damage. Remember to check the power steering fluid and make sure all hoses and belts are working correctly as well. Fluids keep your car working as it should!

Maintain Your Brakes

Naturally, you don't want your brakes to go out while you're on the road. Still, this scenario could happen if you don't maintain them regularly. If your brakes seem to be working improperly or you notice strange sounds when you stop, check the brake pads and the fluid as soon as possible. Your brake fluid needs to be changed if the color is dark or if it is below the fill line. If the tank is empty, check the line for leaks as well.

Test Your Battery

One of the most common reasons that people call roadside assistance is because their car battery has died. Avoid being in the same situation by checking your car battery's cable connections and ensuring there are no leaks of built-up of minerals on the battery. You can then use a multimeter to check the voltage (be careful!) and determine if you need a new battery.

Of course, if you don't know much about cars, you probably want to call a professional to avoid accidental damage. Croce's Transmission Specialists in Norwalk, Connecticut, provides maintenance and auto repair services for a wide variety of vehicles. Call us for more information! We would love to help you keep your car healthy!

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