Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass Airflow Sensor

When you experience vehicle symptoms such as:

  • Engine hesitation
  • Stalling
  • Jerking upon acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Compromised performance

The problem may be a contaminated mass airflow sensor.

This instrument measures the volume of air entering the engine. This information is needed by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). It calculates how much fuel should be delivered to each cylinder to ensure the proper fuel-air ratio.


After 20,000 miles or so, vehicles may begin to experience problems due to contamination buildup on the heated element of the MAF sensor.

With this in mind, many auto technicians recommend that the mass airflow sensor be cleaned each time the air filter is replaced.

TIP: Harsh solvents or carburetor cleaners will damage the sensitivity of the mass airflow sensor. It must be cleaned with a cleaner that is specially formulated for the job.

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