Portable Car Battery Jump Starters - Croce\'s Transmission

Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

While a set of jump-starter cables can get a vehicle with a dead battery back on the road headed to a service station, it is necessary to flag down a car with a good battery and a willing driver to get the job done.


However, car-product manufacturers have recently circumvented this problem (along with the potentially dangerous process of connecting two car batteries together with cables) by introducing portable car battery jump-starters.

Ease of use

These relatively compact devices fit easily into the trunk or under a seat until they are called upon to recharge a dead/low car battery. Doing so involves simply connecting it to the dead battery's terminals. The device must then be recharged for further use.

TIP: Some portable jump-starters can be tapped to provide electricity for laptops and other electrical devices.

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Written by Developer Autoshop