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Texting While Driving

Texting and talking on cell phones distracts drivers from anticipating potential problems ahead. It is important to take a look down the road in order to chart safe paths around potentially troublesome events.

Once such a problem is spotted, it is often just a matter of taking corrective measures to avoid crashes and other serious situations.

Drivers should use the center of their intended travel path as a point of reference, taking in details from side to side to detect potentially dangerous conditions.

Scanning the road ahead provides drivers with more time to make decisions and control their vehicles. Texting while driving can make this difficult.

Under normal conditions, expert drivers scan 20-30 seconds ahead. At highway speeds, this translates to about a half-mile.

TIP: Texting while driving essentially doubles a driver's reaction time and makes it eleven times more likely that he or she will miss a flashing light.

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