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Tire Basics

Regular Tire Checks

One of the easiest ways to spot early signs of trouble and maintain the safety of your vehicle is to check your tires on a regular basis. It's tire basics.

Tire Problems

While uneven tire tread wear can signal problems with the suspension or steering, underinflated tires can lead to poor handling, low gas mileage, and impeded braking ability.

It takes only a few minutes each month to check tire inflation and tread wear and relatively few car owners take the time to do so. In fact, a recent survey from the Rubber Manufacturers Association reveals that only one in six U.S. drivers are knowledgeable about basic tire care. If you are among the other five, it would certainly pay to find out.

TIP: Only eight percent of young drivers know basic tips for properly checking tire pressure, such as checking inflation when tires are cold.

Regularly rotating your tires results in better gas mileage, an all-around smoother ride, longer tread life and more!

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