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Transmission Slips

If an automatic transmission fails to shift smoothly under acceleration and is instead making noises, creating vibration, or showing signs of altered shift behavior, a check of the transmission fluid and filter are in order.

  • The transmission's filter is vital to its performance.
  • If it has not been replaced in a while (or ever), this simple task should be performed before far more costly fixes are considered.
  • Changing the fluid and filter, which may be clogged, may fix a number of symptoms that seem to be indicative of bigger problems.

At the same time, a check for leaks should also be conducted. Repairs for automatic transmissions range from resealing (to stop leaks) to a complete overhaul or replacement.

TIP: Automatic transmission fluid should be checked at least twice a year. Keep in mind a transmission maintenance service will not correct internal damage.

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Written by Maryann Croce