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Turbocharged Maintenance

Energy Requirements

As automobile manufacturers look to meet government energy requirements without compromising engine performance, they are increasingly embracing turbocharging. According to the estimate of a leading turbo supplier, 39 percent of all the vehicles sold in North America will have turbocharged engines by 2020, which is up from 23 percent in 2015.


Vehicles outfitted with these exhaust-driven air compressors are subjected to a great deal more heat than naturally aspirated engines, which places more stress on engine oil, transmission fluid, and spark plugs. Aside from changing these fluids and ignition components more frequently, owners of vehicles with turbocharged engines will also want to keep an eye on high-pressure hose couplers for leaks that could make a turbo work harder than necessary.

TIP: Frequently changing the air filter helps keep airborne debris from causing problems with turbochargers.

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