Undercarriage Corrosion - Croce\'s Transmission

Undercarriage Corrosion

Lift Inspection Benefits

One of the important advantages of having an auto technician put your vehicle on a lift is that is allows for visual inspection of the undercarriage. The importance of this kind of scrutiny was recently underscored by a bulletin from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicating that their five-year investigation revealed that a significant number of vehicles had rusting brake lines.

Effects of Road Salts

The problem was largely attributed to exposure to road salts and failure to wash the underside of vehicles. While brake lines were specifically mentioned, it should be pointed out that the frame, suspension parts, and other components are similarly vulnerable to road salts, which should be thoroughly washed from the undersides of vehicles.

TIP: One of the many advantages of professional car washing and detailing is that they offer comprehensive cleaning on the undersides of vehicles that driveway car washing often misses.

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