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Uneven Braking

Back when most automobiles were outfitted with drum brakes, uneven braking (often referred to as "brake pull") was quite common.

But even though self-adjusting disc brakes have become more the rule than the exception, uneven braking can still be a problem. Although self-adjusting disc brakes are supposed to automatically compensate for pad wear, it's still possible for one side of the braking system to slow the vehicle more than the other side, causing the brakes to "pull" to one side.

Brake pull can be the result of a sticking caliper that is triggered by corrosion that reduces the clearance between the piston and the caliper bore.

A worn or damaged piston seal may also cause a caliper piston to stick.

TIP: Old, dirty, contaminated brake fluid can rust and corrode internal brake components, which is why the fluid should be replaced according to schedule.

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