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Vehicle Maintenance Myths

Don't Believe All the Auto Repair Myths You Read Online!

Maintenance and Auto Repair don't have to be a mystery: 5 Myths Explained

You can find a lot of answers about auto repair on the internet. In fact, you can find so many opinions, many of which conflict with each other. If you're a bit overwhelmed with conflicting information, our technicians at Croce's Transmission set the record straight on 5 common vehicle myths:

Windows Versus Air-Conditioning: Some people believe lowering your windows instead of using the air-conditioning will save energy in your vehicle. Others say the wind resistance when you have your windows down causes more drag on the vehicle than any energy used by the air conditioner. The truth is, in modern cars, the difference is negligible. Design engineers have put the very best of aerodynamic technology into their vehicles, and the use of the air conditioner or lowering the windows have little to no effect on the efficiency of your ride.

Driving Recharges The Battery: If you have just had your vehicle jump-started, the battery will barely have gathered enough energy from that jump. While driving does recharge the battery, it will take hours of driving to fully recharge your battery from completely dead.

Always Replace All 4 Tires: Yes, if you are replacing your tires because of age and wear, you will need to replace all 4 at once. However, if you're dealing with an individual issue, as in only one tire is damaged, only that tire needs to be replaced. Your technician will help you select a tire that is comparable to the other 3 so you won't feel any difference in your ride.

Warming Up Before Hitting the Road: In older vehicles, it was necessary to let the engine idle on cold mornings so the mechanisms could warm up. However, modern engines have been engineered to warm up better once you start driving. No need to sit in the cold waiting, once you start down the road, your wheel bearings and transmission will finish warming up.

Yremium Fuel is Superior: While premium fuel has additives and protectants intended for turbo-charged engines and performance vehicles, for everyday driving, regular gas is sufficient for the kind of driving and performance required of your vehicle.

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