Auto Repair Assumptions. Auto repair ocated in Norwalk, CT

Auto Repair Assumptions

The definition of assume is to think that something is true or probably true without knowing that it is true. Here's how auto repair assumptions and perception can ruin an everyday experience.

With the advancements in automotive technology, many don't understand how their vehicle works or what maintenance is needed and when. This can make many feel uneasy before calling or going to an auto repair shop.

This fear or vulnerability comes from:

1 An outdated perception of today's automotive industry.

Because of this outdated perception, vehicle owners may assume:

  • little education or training is required by technicians
  • invoice charges aren't accurate
  • computers make it easier to work on vehicles
  • retrieving vehicle codes reveal the fix
  • vehicles no longer need maintenance until 100,000 miles
  • prices for service can be given over the phone

2 Many think that if their vehicle still runs they don't need to fix it right now. They'll take care of it when it breaks.

From the questions we received over the last two decades, I believe this is because most purchases have been commoditized. You order almost anything online and online research is everyone's favorite tool.

Just because you can research how to pull a tooth, I wouldn't recommend doing it. Even if you're given all of the steps.

The Facts

1. Maintenance is the best way to add years of life to your vehicle:

  • budget for it
  • schedule at your convenience
  • spare yourself the inconvenience of not having a vehicle
  • have peace of mind a reliable vehicle brings

2. Automotive Service is a professional service business. It's a huge industry that is not a commodity. Personalized service is the best. To get the best service and quality work, choose a professional shop.

Professional Shops

  • Provide their team with continued training & benefits
  • Purchase the latest in equipment
  • Operate an organized, safe and clean business
  • Participate in community service and local organizations
  • Are respected by suppliers, vendors and industry peers

Finding a professional shop. Meet them with a minor repair/ or maintenance service. Ask questions and see how you are treated.

  • Are they busy?
  • What kind of vehicles are in their lot?
  • Are they clearly explaining their process, charges?
  • Are they making the service convenient for you?

I'm sure you can understand why answering questions about your vehicle concerns, allowing a shop to do their job and mutual respect can go a long way. Building a relationship with a professional shop saves you time and money while giving you the peace of mind driving a safe and reliable vehicle brings.

The goal is retaining vehicle value, whether you:

  • trade your vehicle in every few years
  • drive your vehicle for years
  • pass your vehicle on to a child or family member

There are good and bad in any industry. Build a relationship with your go-to automotive shop. They are a great resource to you and your family for years to come.

We're on your side. Schedule an appointment today.

Written by Developer Autoshop