Automatic Transmission Fluid - Croce\'s Transmission

Automatic Transmission Fluid


If the automatic transmission in your vehicle produces:

  • strange sounds(including grinding)
  • problems shifting gears
  • exhibits slippage while shifting
  • surges unexpectedly
  • delays movement when put in gear

it may be time to service the automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

Aside from contamination, low levels of transmission fluid may also lead to:

  • clutch slipping
  • shift flare
  • incorrect shift timing
  • abnormal noise
  • and/or loss of a gear

It is therefore very important that the Automatic Transmission Fluid levels be monitored with regular checks of the dipstick and that the fluid be replaced at recommended intervals. In addition, while automatic transmission fluid in good condition is either transparent green or red, burned or blackened fluid may be an indication of impending transmission failure.

TIP: In most cases, transmission fluid should be serviced and replaced every two years or so.

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