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Rewards of serving customers and community

Caring about our customers and community is top of mind for me. I wouldn't have a successful auto repair business without them. Let's be honest. Fear is the first thing that comes to mind for many, when thinking of auto repair. One of the top questions I get asked is, who can I trust? And if they have an auto shop they love, they tell me bluntly, "I can trust them!" That kind of relationship doesn't happen overnight. Trust is something you have to earn. I know the feeling. Over the years I've had to trust.

  • Medical professionals
  • People hired to work on my home
  • Babysitters
  • Attorneys
  • Teachers
  • Accountants
  • Advisers
  • Realtors

When I could trust, it was awesome and relieved my worries. When I felt I couldn't trust, it was awful because I second guessed everything.

When I trust someone it means; they are credible and I believe they can help me because they are looking out for me. They care and I'm not just a number.<

Here's why getting to know your customers and community needs can be rewarding. Years ago I decided to learn more about the needs of Norwalk, CT to better serve our customers.

  • Joining the Greater Norwalk Chamber was a great way to learn more about all this city has to offer and an opportunity to work on the WPA murals project. (Norwalk's Hidden Treasure).
  • Becoming an accredited BBB business has been another way to serve. It's a great resource with a wealth of information for consumers and an opportunity to learn from and help other local businesses.

Attending local events is another great way to get to know the community:

  • Local group meeting (Networking)
  • Award Ceremonies (Supporting others)
  • As a Presenter / Educator (Be a local resource)
  • As a Vendor at a local event (Learn customers wants & needs)
  • Local presentations (inside and outside of your industry)
  • Sponsoring local charities and / or sports
  • Volunteering (giving back)

The rewards are immeasurable. Over the years I've met many good people (mentors). Tony and I are proud to be part of the Norwalk business community and enjoy serving the people living and working here as well as in the surrounding towns. These people are volunteering, donating to local sports, school fundraisers and charities. They care about their community and want it to thrive. Our customers are the best. They've recommended us, reviewed us, referred us and given us great feedback. All of it has helped make us better. Some have even surprised us with home baked treats and even fresh eggs.

The biggest rewards of serving customers and community for me is when I see our customers around town, at an event or in our shop and we chat about the everyday things; family, vacations, work/school, the weekend or their car. By taking the fear out of auto repair through education, caring and serving, I've earned their trust and that is what I value most.

What rewards have you experienced by serving? I appreciate your comments.

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Written by Maryann Croce