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Why we’re taking the fear out of auto repair.

Many are overwhelmed at just the thought of a major auto repair. "Who can I trust?" is top of mind when searching for a reputable auto repair shop. We all have heard horror stories in the auto repair industry and today the internet has made it easy to search for anything, or has it?

When Tony and I opened Croce's Transmission Specialists in 1999, our goal was to address an overlooked area in the industry. The fear of auto repair. We saw a need for clear explanations, treating customers with respect and being part of our community.

1) Empowering consumers to make informed decisions based on the facts.

Educating our customers and community on transmission maintenance and the importance of addressing minor repairs before they become major ones was and still is our first priority.

Since 1999, many women have come into our shop and were a little nervous. Surprisingly they freely gave us great feedback on how clean our waiting area and restroom are and appreciated being treated with respect. This was good news but sadden me at the same time because it showed me how low customer expectations were, which lead me to another industry need, professionalism.

2) Professionalism in the auto repair industry.

There are many fine men and women in the auto repair industry and I've had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of them over the years. So why is the industry not viewed as professional?

Today, with information all around us I believe it can be information overload at times. Unfortunately, many consumers don't know what kinds of questions to ask, so they opt for the price question. How much? This is the most common mistake. Without testing, it's just a guess. A guess that will have to be adjusted with the facts. 5 Transmission Mistakes

Would you call a dentist expecting him or her to tell you what's wrong with your tooth over the phone? Would you have confidence in anyone that would? With so much information online, we have to be careful not to "devalue" what others do. Just because someone throws out a few ideas, it doesn't make them a quality resource. Offering no warranty on their suggestion, they haven't road-tested the vehicle or performed any testing. They don't know if other issues exist. If their answer doesn't work they have nothing to lose. If a repair shop guesses and just keeps installing parts into your vehicle, when do you want them to stop? Do they warranty their work, do they have proper licensing, insurances, continued training, associations memberships and a community they are part of.

The good men and women in the industry see themselves as the professionals they are. Their dedication to continued learning, goal setting, action-taking, mentoring and commitment to their customers and community has inspired me.

In the end, you choose who you want to do business with. After all, it's your vehicle and your money.

Since 1999 many Croce's customers were happy to find out:

  • Only a minor repair was needed
  • Their vehicle was still under manufacturer warranty (Yes we've called for them)
  • We can contact your extended service contract company
If a major transmission repair was needed they received:
  • A clear explanation
  • Written estimate
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • Financing option
  • Loaner vehicle
  • Shuttle ride
  • Job-status updates by phone, email or text
  • A friendly team to answer your questions

Empowering drivers to be informed not pressured. To plan and budget for maintenance and repairs puts them in the driver's seat. They have control over who they choose and when the vehicle will be serviced. No pressure of dreaded breakdowns. They retain vehicle value for trade-in or sale and they know they're vehicle is safe and reliable.

They have peace of mind and their vehicle doesn't stress them out. Life is a journey and very hectic at times. We want to help you enjoy the ride!

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